Corporate Wellness Services

We monitor each employee's progress through our online portal system to make sure every employee's needs are met. Whether the class is on or offsite, Nfinite Strength brings all equipment and tools to you! We offer a series of services to educate employees about the human body and alleviating pain!

Wellness Services


Employee Assessment

  • Corrective Exercise Specialists assess employees movement through one on one screening- determining imbalances and postural alignment that can be correlated to pain

  • Employees will have direct access to their personal online data portal system

  • Employees receive personalized program and have access to unlimited resources


Lunch and Learn Workshops

  • Discuss the common pain areas that occur from the workplace and how to prevent and correct these issues (neck, shoulder blade, lower back pain) 

  • Fun, educational, and interactive

  • Provide giveaways for all employees of valuable tips and exercises


On site classes

  • Mobility Flow Classes (60 minute)

    • Active release techniques using lacrosse balls and foam rollers

    • Learning mobility work and strengthening techniques to improve posture and core stabilization

    • Combination exercises of yoga and pilates

    • Guided through ergonomic stretches to release tightness

  • Regenerate and Release Classes (45 minute)

    • Break up your day by resetting your nervous system, opening up tight areas, and elongating spine through techniques

    • Learn active release techniques with tools

    • Guided through breathing techniques that decrease stress

    • Mobility work and stretches to release tension

Interested to have us come to your workplace?

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Wellness Payment