"I have suffered from lower back pain for six years. I recently started doing the Nfinite core strength exercises and they seem to be exactly what I need. Doing the class workouts is very fun, and my back pain is stable. I would experience pain from 0 to 10 within a day and now it is a more consistent 2-3 but never spikes back up to 10."

- Twitch Employee

I've been consistently training with Justine and Ashley for about a year now and I have seen drastic improvements in my posture, flexibility and a general reduction in body pain. Most notably my knee pain has been greatly reduced since I started classes. At my first class there were some exercises I just could not do and now lots of those movements are (almost) easy!  I've done fitness routines in the past and this is the first where I can actually see improvement. Not to mention Justine and Ashley are super encouraging and make it easy for me to want to make it to class every week. 

-Orion Labs Employee

"I've find the wellness sessions with Ashley + Justine to have been very helpful to my sense of well-being and ability to work at Twitch. Stretching back to my previous workplaces, I've been affected by soreness and stiffness in neck, shoulders, upper, and lower back, on occasion requiring therapy. Twitch is a generally pleasant workplace, so the stress is not as bad — but long periods of sitting + typing and even fun stress have sometime created pain and stiffness. I've found the Nfinite Strength classes to have been wonderful for increasing flexibility, relieving pain and tightness, and making me feel better and more alert. I've also found the sessions to be educational in giving me some helpful tips and exercises that I can use to improve my wellness outside of the sessions. Ashley + Justine both have very positive and inspiring attitudes - I always look forward to the weekly session even at the end of a packed work day. I am very grateful for and wholeheartedly recommend this program."

Twitch Employee  

"Over the course of time, my forearm/elbow pains have gotten less frequent and my posture has improved quite noticeably (both my regular massage therapists have noticed as well as my husband and parents). My injured joints and muscles have gotten stronger thanks to Ashley and Justine's mindfulness and attention to proper form and adjustments to help me slowly build back up strength and stability."