Kevin Hines Story

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"The idea of achieving total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is what got me through from one day to the next."

Number 26, I was number 26 of the 34 people who attempted to take their lives by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. 

Most have never regained full mobility after surviving this jump. I have been blessed to regain all mobility and maintain my physical fitness. Others have stayed in silence, keeping their stories to themselves. Many have simply gone on with their lives, and eventually pass on of natural causes. Some have opened up, begun speaking about their experiences, sharing with the public what they can about the perils of suicidal ideation, great suffering and pain. These stories of triumph over adversity are not just important for readers, and followers of the mental health movement (An absolute civil rights movement of this or any time) but imperative for so many people’s continued survival. In the drab, smelly hospital, focusing — not only on the health of my brain, body, my metaphorical heart, and searching of the soul — became key.

The idea of achieving total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is what got me through from one day to the next. Morphing from the self-loathing, inner critical thinking creature I had become would not be easy. Soon, I came to the realization that it was entirely possible, maybe even plausible. It would be the most likely outcome. However, this alternate positive and potential reality would only be reachable with a tremendous amount of therapeutic dedication and most of all an unhindered intense drive. The kind of drive that needed to be enacted upon minute by taxing minute in order for me to survive and thrive.

I learned to utilize the kind goal setting devices needed to build the solid support of a group of personal protectors meant to guide me in times of episodic crisis. This was a group of loved ones, family, and friends who I would request to opt in to my ‘Let’s Keep Kevin Alive’ plan. It is a quick guide to hope and healing, architecturally designed to fit my needs. It was something concrete that could keep me going in rough times, and keep me alive when all I can do is ponder, and plan my death by suicide.

My ten step plan consists of: therapy, sleep, education, exercise, meditation, medication, sobriety, nutrition, coping skills, and emergency mental health plan.

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