Evelyn Abad's Story


"When you overcome both of your biggest fears, it's the comeback that makes you stronger!"

Skateboarding is my passion! My go to outlet and means of purpose in life.

I’ve had numerous injuries throughout my life as having an active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until enduring a triple injury (Knee, ankle, wrist) after running a marathon that completely changed my lifestyle and mindset on life!

I felt so weak, helpless and depressed since all I could do was literally sit inside and wait. Feeling lost, since my life revolved around being outside/active. I questioned life. Because both of my biggest fears were happening right in front of me: feeling lost & not riding my skateboard!

I doubted myself where thoughts spiraled down to a point where I felt no purpose in life and I didn’t want to exist anymore - having thoughts of suicide.

The one thing I needed to do to clear my head, I couldn’t. I couldn’t even stand up on my own. That’s when I found my passion for health and fitness.

The next 3 months I was doing extensive total body re-hab. Focusing on posture & biomechanics, while re-learning how to bike and ride my skateboard. Along with learning to nourish my body with whole foods and only positive thoughts. Realizing that the mind and body work as one!

All I wanted to do was to step foot on my skateboard again! I remember the doctors telling me it was going to take 1 year, but I didn’t let that happen! After those 3 months, I was already slowly but surely pushing on my skateboard. It was a challenge both physically and mentally! But those challenges you face are what changes you!

From there, it grew into a habit of strength training. It’s been 8 months on this journey so far where I was able to gain 10 pounds of mainly muscle and I can’t be more grateful to have re-found my purpose and a passion through health/fitness. It’s all about the inner strength and determination to come back stronger than your setback and not letting it define you!

I just want to remind you all to BElieve in YOUrself and never give up because if you put your mind to it, you can do it!

I’m so hyped to be a part of the Nfinite Strength team! I hope to inspire you all to be the best version of yourself and live an active/healthy lifestyle!