Atheena's Story


"Movement, rewriting my story, connection with other women, connecting to nature and working on that SELF LOVE!"

As an adolescent I experienced body trauma and lived in silence with it for a good portion into young adulthood. The stigma and shame is real and can paralyze you into thinking your alone or that no one else could relate. After a very close call in a near death experience I snapped out of my “own mind” and the drive to do something better fueled me to pursue more. 

The first in my family I went on to college and studied psychology. I became woke about the effects of trauma. The way your body & your brain changes. I also was educated around consensual vs non consensual sex and what that consisted of. At the end of it all I realized I was carrying around a deep shame which was not even mine to carry! I was angry that I had been carrying this on my own and I became even more thirsty for knowledge and tapping into my own healing. 

I made a pact to myself to learn, grow, heal, and turn around in service of empowering women. What does this look like for me? Movement, rewriting my story, connection with other women, connecting to nature and working on that SELF LOVE!

Incorporating movement in my body means I’m connected & I’m loving myself. My body is my vessel and it is strong! But it doesn’t stop there... its also owning my story and allowing my growth to fuel my passion for helping others in their healing. My biggest takeaway has been that my mental health is correlated with my physical health in unison! It’s finding balance and harmony with both. 

It’s a powerful thing when you have been violated or stripped of the power and control of your body to be able to reconnect with yourself again. To be able to slowly re-integrate into what does good touch feel like? What does it feel like to feel ok in my body? What feels comfortable? Do I need to tap into yoga today and be gentle with myself or is that too much to be still and silent with my thoughts.  Maybe today I need kickboxing or bootcamp to sweat and feel strong both physically and mentally. 

As a result you begin to feel stronger little by little each cell in your body as you begin to become more intimately connected to yourself. As you begin to take ownership of your body your vessel. And at the same time maybe you’re sharing your story in therapy. In a safe, trusting, and unconditional positive loving space. It takes a lot of strength to do that and that’s what I hope to offer for other women and men who feel like they can never be accepted. Who may feel shame of what happened to them who maybe have been carrying around loads and loads of stigma and trauma and scars on their heart. Getting in touch with my body means that I’m listening, I’m releasing, I’m growing, and I am loving. All the while there’s no pressure, it’s literally a euphoric lifestyle for me. It is a priority and that’s what my business  philosophy is founded on “Strive to Thrive” 

I used to think that vulnerability and sharing was too scary and I really carried around a lot of shame and judgment on myself until I started to tap into these other things and realize there is a whole community of women and people who all have a story. People who all have their own journey. It is so powerful to connect whether it’s in a group or one-on-one it’s finding what works for you and that there is no right or wrong way to heal. There is no playbook but starting somewhere is a start.